• Hillsborough Video Inspection Update

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    Temporary Protocol for Video Inspections of New Gravity Sewer Systems 
    Given the current circumstances, the Hillsborough County Infrastructure Inspector (Inspector) will not be present in the video inspection truck during gravity sewer video inspections.  Video inspections are still required and will be performed according to the procedures given in the Technical Specifications (333001, Part 5), as modified below: 
    Contractor shall conduct a Preliminary Video Inspection of the sanitary system and make any corrections and follow-up video inspections necessary for the system to meet the Technical Specifications. 
     The Engineer of Record (EOR) or a representative under their responsible charge (Representative) will verify with the Contractor that the system is ready for Final Video Inspection.  Allow extra time at each joint and fitting for a thorough inspection review.  If the joint condition is questionable (e.g., suspected overhomed), it is highly recommended that a 360-degree inspection of the joint be performed.  Dry lines and services will require re-inspection. 
     Prior to conducting the Final Video Inspection, the EOR or Representative shall notify the Inspector and schedule a time for the Inspector to review the Final Video Inspection DVD.  Assume that one day of review by the Inspector will cover the infrastructure associated with 200 lots.  This may vary, and is at the discretion of the Inspector. 
     The original DVD and a Transmittal Letter shall be delivered to the Inspector prior to the scheduled review date.  Both the Transmittal Letter and the original DVD are to be labeled and signed by the EOR or Representative.  By affixing their signature to the Transmittal Letter and DVD, the EOR or Representative are attesting that the DVD corresponds to the Phase, Lots, Streets, or Blocks inspected for the subject project, and that the EOR understands that they shall be held responsible if found otherwise.  The Transmittal Letter shall also certify that the requirements of Paragraph 5.1.3 are met.  The Inspector shall supply the EOR or Representative a receipt for the submittal. 
     The Inspector will e-mail the results of their review, noting any deficiencies, to the EOR or Representative by Close of Business on the date of the scheduled review. 
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