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    Subject: Coronavirus Fears? – What you REALLY need to know.
    At a time when you are bombarded by pessimism about the current challenge facing our country, coronavirus, we want to share something different.
    At present we face an obstacle, perhaps larger in mind than in reality. We will overcome and we will be stronger than ever as a country and as a people. One of our organizations, be it Zinzow Law, the Zinzow Law Foundation, Zinarro Notice to Owner, or another, may have had in the past, or may have in the present, the distinct pleasure and honor of working with or serving you. Others of you receiving this message may be a colleague, friend, or family member of one of us here at Team Z.
    With all of you we would like to share our belief in the greatness of America and its people; the businesses who drive its economic engine; the soldiers, veterans, and first responders who protect us; and the families who inspire all of them to achieve greatness.
    America and its people are great, not because of the absence of strife, but because of how we rise in the face of it. We help each other. We calm each other. We display and act with courage.
    These attributes exist in the business owners and executives who have arisen every day for generations amid considerable risk to employ and provide support for families, and to develop new products and services that change the world.
    They exist in the soldiers, veterans, and first responders who have arisen every day for generations amid risk to life to protect the life of others.
    These attributes exist in each of you.
    Individually and collectively we have what it takes as Americans to overcome this current challenge. We will overcome through faith and courage in each other and in our God, and in recognition that our minds are our greatest strength. We have the power to make decisions based upon facts and logic in the face of fear, and not because of it.
    We here at Team Z believe that the courageous leader in each of you will bring calm to your employees, colleagues, family, and friends, and that we will be better off as a nation and a people for it. We believe that you will rise to the occasion.
    If there is anything that Team Z can do for youeven if you just need someone to talk to regain your strong foothold—we are here for you.
    Justin R. Zinzow, CEO On behalf of Team Z
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