• FHBA Legislative Alert - Contact Governer De Santis

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    Good Afternoon FHBA:

    Although the 2020 Legislative Session came to a close in March, our work at FHBA is not done until we see our priority legislation cross the finish line- which is the Governor's desk.

    Now, is the time to flex the Florida Home Builders' grassroots muscles and let Governor DeSantis know these bills are important to the industry and must become law. A key metric used by the Governor's Office is to track the number of e-mails received supporting or opposing a piece of legislation. Our opponents (self-proclaimed environmentalists and local-control advocates) are not going to let up when it comes to asking the Governor to veto legislation important to the home building industry.
    Below is a quick explanation of three bills. Each paragraph contains a link directing you to a pre-written e-mail in support of the Governor singing the bill into law. We ask that you take just a few moments today and click on at least one to send to the Governor. Better yet, send all three and let him know you care about the home building industry.

    For our efforts to be most effective, you must do this quick and easy task by Wednesday, May 20. 
    SB 1066-Impact Fees:
    SB 1066 provides that impact fee increases do not apply to pending permits and it allows the transfer of impact fee credits to adjacent impact fee zones.
    Click here to email Governor DeSantis' Office about SB 1066
    SB 712-Clean Water/Rights of Nature Pre-emption:
    SB 712 transfers the Statewide Septic Regulations from the Department of Health to the Department of Environmental Protection, while maintaining permitting through local health Departments. The bill also prohibits local governments from enacting ordinances that grant natural systems human legal protections (Rights of Nature Pre-emption).
    Click here to email Governor DeSantis' Office about SB 712
    SB 410-Private Property Rights in Comp Plans:
    This growth management bill requires that all local Comprehensive plans contain a personal property element. Critical language to allow municipalities to self-govern lands annexed into their jurisdictions; and clarity on the procedural steps needed to amend a Chapter 163 development agreement.
    Click here to email Governor DeSantis' Office about SB 410
    Thank you for your continued work to ensure the health and future of Florida's home building industry. 

    Have questions? Contact FHBA Director of Governmental Affairs, Dane Bennett at dbennett@fhba.com
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