• TBBA and Pasco County Score Win Working Together

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    TBBA’s Pasco Governmental Committee has been working closely with Pasco County on the new standards for 45’ and 55’ lots and townhomes.  Our thoughts, experience and critical data on the market forces at play for neighborhoods (see graphics below) was well-received by expert staff, elected decision-makers and community influencers. Now, new Policy Memorandum 26 has been put into place by the Board of Commissioners and is a great example of what our industry can accomplish together.  
    Some highlights of the new policy include and apply to
    • All MPUDs -- provided initial staff comment has not been received by Aug. 8, 2023.
    • Traditional front load communities, excluding TND/TOD and 55+.
    • 45’ will be minimum lot size going forward and 7.5 setbacks, regardless of lot size, and 23’ driveway depth from back of sidewalk to garage.
    • 45’-49’ front loading lots allowed will be a maximum of 50%.  (Note: the percentage is to be applied only to single-family lots, not townhomes or multifamily.)
    Further, as a good partner with Pasco County, we will also embrace concerns expressed by the Pasco commission related to adequate street widths for first responders and waste haulers.  Of course, we will also endeavor to stay away from live oaks and other shade trees so as not to impact public rights of way and the opportunity to allow developers the discretion to make the driveways 4’ wider to allow more space for homeowners. 
    Moving forward with implementation in Pasco County, we will focus on educating our members and other interested builders, trades, developers and consultants about the important new changes contained in Policy Memorandum 26. 
    TBBA is always on hand to work through mission critical issues for our industry.  If you would like to discuss these advancements  in more detail or join us on the committee, please reach out to Lauren Morgan, Executive Vice President, 813.571.8222.

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