• Governmental Affairs

  • As players in this heavily regulated industry, the members of the Tampa Bay Builders Association work directly with government to foster positive conditions for builders. Our primary goal, as a membership organization, is to improve the economic and legal environment for the building industry. Business issues that affect you locally are either founded or resolved in legislative, regulatory, and legal arenas. TBBA believes that having a seat at the table is critical to the future of our community.

    Governmental Affairs and Codes Committees –

    All members are invited and encouraged to participate on one of several committees who meet regularly with government officials to share and resolve industry concerns. The meeting schedule is posted and updated on the Events Calendar.

    Industry Issues Fund –

    This fund underwrites the cost of legal challenges to regulatory issues, impact fees, building moratoria, as well as data research to counter activist propaganda, and public relations campaigns to tell our side of the story. Rather than any kind of assessment, dues increase, or a percent of value of business.

    Political Action Committee –

    TBBA has one Political Committee: Bay Area Citizens for Responsible Government

    The purpose of TBBA’s Political Action Committee is to work within the local and state election processes to further the goals of Tampa Bay Builders Association by supporting candidates for elected office who support our issues and the construction industry.

  • New Members

  • New Member System

    We are excited to roll out a new member management system that will offer several marketing opportunities for members. Please stay tuned in coming weeks as we offer tips and tricks on how to best optimize your experience!


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